Sensory Deprivation Tank

Sensory Deprivation Tank

Yesterday I floated in pure darkness in a SENSORY DEPRIVATION TANK for 100 minutes in water and Epsom salts.  Lots of Epsom salts.  It was an interesting experience.

I was all fidgety at first.  I centered myself in the tank so my toes and fingers didn’t hit the side.  To help me get settled, I was working on pacing my breathing.   It took me about 15 minutes to get used to being in the tank.

It was a weird feeling to be floating in water.  When I was able to relax, I had a weightless feeling.  I couldn’t feel my body.  I was left with my thoughts.  No distractions.

I know I dozed off at least once.  I dreamt of a ferris wheel with an ape hang dropping from one car to the next.  Must be because I watched the Planet of the Apes movie the other day :)

As when I meditate, the mind was bouncing from thought to thought.

The lady warned me that I may find some discomfort in my neck.  The fact that she pointed it out made me think about it more.  There were a bunch of times I had to put my hands behind my neck to relieve the tension.  I also had a couple stretches in the tank.  Flexing my arms and legs, making sure not to get the water in my eyes.

I remember being thirsty and thinking about what I was going to eat when I hop out of tank.  Always thinking about food :)

As expected, I totally lost sense of time.  At the 100 minute mark, I heard a knock on the door, and it was time to hop out.

Walking out of the facility, I felt refreshed and energized.  I then sat in a park for 30 minutes, drank a bunch of water, had a snack, and journaled about the experience.

Like anything, I’m sure the more I do it, the easier it will be for me to relax and get more benefit from it.

Listen to what Joe Rogan has to say about Sensory Deprivation Tanks…

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