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Over the last couple months, I've been hosting a bunch of webinars.

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Skyrocket Your Energy Levels


Time management is good, but without energy to get everything done, the extra time is useless.  What you will learn...

  • 6 top tips to fill your energy tank
  • How to eat smart
  • Exercises for the busy person
  • How to add more hours to the day
  • Tips to improve your sleep





Building a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

realestate“Don’t wait to invest in real estate.  Invest in real estate and wait.”  On this webinar, I will share tips & tools & strategies that I used to help build a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  Some things I will be covering…

  • Benefits of the different real estate investment strategies
  • Tips to maximize cashflow
  • Building your Real Estate power team
  • Advanced Landlording strategies
  • Property Analysis


Quit Your Job & Do What You Love

quitjobLife is short.  Do more of what you love, and less of what you don't.  What you will learn...

  • How to switch things up
  • Identify your passions and start living them
  • How to create a plan and put it into action
  • Create more happiness, fun & fulfillment
  • Lessons learned from someone who has already done it


6 Steps to Greater Peace of Mind

peace_of_mindLife is meant to be enjoyed, and not always bouncing around all the time.  What you will learn...

  • Tips to simplify your life
  • Slow down
  • Learn to enjoy the journey, not just the destination
  • Live in the present, not in the future
  • Give your brain a break







I hope you pick up some things from the webinars.

Knowledge is not power.  Applied knowledge is power.

After watching the webinars, I encourage you to TAKE ACTION on something you learned.

Find someone to hold you accountable, and DO THE WORK.


Mike Gillespie | Success Coach

Webinar Signup

To get instant access to the webinars and get on your path to epic living, sign up now!